JB MachineJB Machine LLC specializes in CNC milling, manual turning, surface grinding, & manual milling. Also providing prototyping services, one off parts, short & long run production machining, material sawing, welding, precision & general machining and other related services.

Here at JB Machine LLC we strive to bring quality without sacrificing the affordability to the average customer. We are able to provide many different types of services; as one off parts, or just a small production run, no job is too small and walk-ins are welcome, quality and cost are our main concern.

We are able to keep cost low and allow for a “no surprise” customer relationship, which will keep people returning to our company for their needs.

JB Machine LLC is capable of “on the fly design” meaning modifications and redesigned parts can be accomplished without a large overhead or long lead times. Our rates are competitively priced, enabling people such as first time inventors and innovators to be able to see their product without the demand for a large budget for development cost.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and surpass your expectations with your machining , prototyping fabrication needs. We look forward to working with you! Show us a competitors quotation and we will meet or beat pricing.

When you need a part made, think “JB Machine”.


JB Machine LLC

CNC Milling Machine manual milling manual turning CNC milling JB Machine LLC


Medical Skin Punch with 48 2mm holes 416 Stainless Steel

end effector complete


end effector on robot




Custom Lead Pour Mold
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