CAD/CAM Services / 2D Drawing and 2D Drawing to 3D Model Conversion


CAD and CAM Services has helped many inventors navigate the product development process. Whether you’re in the initial design stages — with an idea jotted on a cocktail napkin — or you’re ready to refine the product design, construct 3D models, build a working prototype, or begin production, we can help.

We provide CNC Programming for numerous consumer products, complex 3D, and 2/2.5 and 3 axis parts. Using reliable precision checking and optimization software — along with knowledge-based engineering tools.

CAD and CAM Services











3D models are great when you have them, but situations can often come up where it is not available. To help you be fully prepared, JB Machine can create 2D drawings from your models using standard drafting techniques. Whether you are needing a hard copy or need the ability to access your part’s features and geometries without a computer on the floor, our 2D drawings will ensure that you’re never stuck without the data you need.

Our experienced personnel have been creating 2D drawings for over 30 years, and knows the manufacturing cycle from start to finish due to his experience in the industry.

2D drawings are great for:

  • Documentation
  • Hard copy that protects against data loss
  • Matching archival documents











Do you need 3D models of your designs?

We can take a sketch, picture, or an existing 2D drawing and convert it to a 3D solid model.  We support most existing CAD (computer aided design) file types whether they be

2D or 3D file formats.